Rice: Grote Melamine beker – Geel


The classic tall RICE melamine cup in a beautiful blue two-tone print. The cup has a light yellow color on the outside, and a sweet pink shade on the inside. The cup is one of our favorite products… Use it for anything – to drink, for pencils or knick-knacks, take it with you on a picnic, or use it for beautiful flowers and fresh herbs. Be creative and use the cup to fit your exact need – it is up to you! We believe in colors and everyday magic! Our lovely tall cups (MELCU-L…) are best for great smoothies, fresh juices and funky water… They are only suitable for drinks up to max 70 degrees, so do not use it for boiling water. Please note, melamine products are not suitable for the microwave.

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Rice: Grote Melamine beker – Geel

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Afmetingen 13 cm

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